Official website of Walaa Dakak, syrian artist based in Paris.
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His first exhibition occured in 2006 at ARTECONTE Gallery (Paris). He presented his work "Fenêtre Suspendue". In 2007, Walaa Dakak exhibited his work at the Syrian Cultural Center of Paris.

In 2013, he exhibited at Art Ligre Gallery (Paris). The next year he was invited to present his work " Eye and I " which deals with paranoia, at the Institut du Monde Arabe (Paris). In 2017,  he exhibited at Karim Gallery (Amman, Jordany) and La Cartoucherie (Paris).

In 2018, Walaa Daka was selected by Le Génie de la Bastille for his work "En attendant", and exhibited at Le Génie de la Bastille Gallery (Paris).

"Eye and I" at the Abbaye Royale - Musée des Cordeliers, 2018

Saint-Jean-d'Angély, Charente-Maritime, France
(en savoir plus sur le Musée des Cordeliers)

Portes ouvertes sur l'art contemporain syrien, Montreuil, 2018

In collaboration with les Amis de la Maison Rouge, Montreuil / 2018
(see the program in .pdf)

En attendant /
Galerie du Génie de la Bastille, Paris, 2018

Personnal exhibition / Painting, Drawing
(see the dedicated page on the Gallery's website)


MCDoualiya / Arabic news website
AlarabyTV / Arabic TV channel

In waiting /
Karim Gallery,
Amman, Jordan, 2017

Personnal exhibition / Painting, Drawing
(see the dedicated page on the gallery's website)


YallaFeed / Arabic cultural news website

Paranoïa /
La Cartoucherie, Paris, 2017

Personnal exhibition / Installations

Biennale Internationale du Génie des Jardins / Paris, 2016

Collective exhibition in public gardens of Paris / Installation

Eye and I /
Institut du Monde Arabe, Paris, 2014

Collective exhibition / Installations


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(W)art blog / Blog about Art
Focus Méditerranée / French news website
Telephone arabe / Arabic cultural news website

Paranoïa "Eye and I" /
Art Ligre Gallery, Paris, 2013

Personnal exhibtion / Painting, Sculpture


AlHayat / Arabic news website

Walaa Dakak /
Centre Culturel Syrien
Paris, 2007

Personnal exhibtion / Painting

Personnal exhibition /
Paris, 2006

Personnal exhibition / Painting